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(APRIL 20TH UPDATE) Bruce Jordan reference sheet + page like update! 

April is going by incredibly fast, it seems like I just announced the contest time flies! 
I've got around to uploading another reference sheet, this time Bruce Jordan's! Check below or in my gallery to take a look at him. While working on his I realized how bad my older ones look, and I plan on redoing them.  Their designs and descriptions are exactly the same though, so I won't start on those until the other 3 characters are finished and uploaded. 

My page, at the moment is at 80 likes.
Terri's Round Table
I've gained 3 in the past 20 days, and I'm 20 short of 100. Like I mentioned before, I'd like to get a bit more before I go ahead and start the contest. If I can't reach 100, I'd at least like to get 90 likes, so if I can't reach that the contest will be delayed by a month. I hope I'm not asking too much by having this be an unlock-able contest, but that's the reason I'm hosting this in the first place, to celebrate 100..:ohnoes:

If I do make it to 100 by May 1st, I'll go ahead and increase each prize amount by $10. 
That means 1st prize will get $85, 2nd will get $60, 3rd will get $35 and the honorable mention will get $25. I hope that provides some sort of incentive! :XD:

That's all for this update!

(APRIL 17TH UPDATE) Two judge slots filled!

We've got another judge position filled, AndRaVenWasBorn will be our second (third, including me) judge for the contest! Still looking for two more, and I'm updating the entries as they come in. :) 


(APRIL 14TH UPDATE) One judge slot filled!

My amazing friend Sid, aka TH-Elbowz (Who doesn't use dA anymore, but still communicates with me elsewhere) offered to fill one of the judging positions. This really helps me out, so I'm updating to remind people that I need not two, but three more judges (to break a tie, if one occurs). So if you or someone you know may be interested let me know as soon as possible! 

I've uploaded Keaton Deligny's ref sheet and you can find it in the "Hell Cannon" folder of my gallery, or below under "The Characters" category. 

I also decided to give you guys a preview of the scoring sheet I'll be using. I had found a basic scoring sheet online and edit it to suit what I'm looking for.

Judging2 by BigMommaT

One more thing to add, there are 16 days left for the contest to be unlocked.
I intended to start this contest when my page hits 100, but I seem to be stuck at 79 with no changes in the past two weeks. Like I said, I don't mind holding the contest if I fall short and enough people are interested, but if I stay at 79..I might have to hold back for a while. ^^;

That's all for this update!


(APRIL 8TH UPDATE) Now accepting entries! 

Reference sheets are in the process of being developed. I'm currently working on Keaton and Bruce's so you'll see their faces soon! 
As for anyone who knows for sure that they're participating, you can let me know by commenting below or sending me a note! Just be sure to go over the rules. :)


I've been doing some planning/thinking and I decided that I'll be holding a contest when I hit 100 likes on my facebook page! Terri's Round Table


I, of course want to expand my audience, and I've been doing so in a way that is more organic. Stuff like posting my link in descriptions on deviantArt and linking artists to features on my page.
It's self advertising yes, but in the end I always leave it up to them to like the page or not. I will never force someone to like me.

And yeah, the process is slower than paying for ads (or likes, lmao). But having such a natural increase in likes allows me to have a friendlier audience who liked not because they feel required to, but because they WANT to.

With that being said, I am holding this contest as a way to gain a bit more of an audience, and at the same time because I want to give back to those who like the page. Liking won't be a requirement to enter, but it will be the only way to unlock the contest. So anyone who likes/had already liked the page is greatly appreciated!




As you guys know, I've been working on a comic for the past few years. It's a cyborg/sci-fi apocalypse comic called "Hell Cannon", which is about a cyborg leading a human rebellion against a powerful cyborg regime.

The story is entirely my own, but I've received a lot of help with it along the way. For example, I held a contest in 2014 to create designs for characters involved in the story, and have taken many suggestions/feedback into consideration for the first chapter. So while the story is my idea, I simply cannot take the credit for all of it!

This contest, however will not be one for character design. I've already established my main cast and no longer need help with that, but rather need some inspiration. Throughout the comic there will be several action/fighting sequences and I've got a plethora of them envisioned in my head. But..I don't have the motivation to draw them.

So I thought to myself, maybe if I see these ideas of mine already drawn (by other people), I may find more inspiration to continue my story. Seeing positive feedback or general interest in the story will definitely help me. It'll also (hopefully) generate some hype for my story. :)

So to conclude, the theme is to draw Action/Fighting sequences for two or more existing Hell Cannon characters.


Before anything, this contest will only take place if I reach 100 likes on my Facebook page, "Terri's Round Table" on or before May 1st. This means there's one whole month to get 33 more likes! It's a fair, doable thing I think, but if I don't reach 100 and still have enough people interested in participating, I'll still hold the contest.

(Note: Only like my page if you like my art and wish to support me. Don't like just to get the contest started and dislike when it's over. You do not have to like my page to participate.)

To enter, simply comment, message or note me that you're participating and tell me which characters you plan on drawing. You are not required to stick to the two characters.

\\ RULES //

+ Your goal is to draw AT LEAST TWO characters from my comic series "Hell Cannon."
+ The characters must be..
  + Full body
  + In an action pose (ex. punching, about to swing a bat, jumping at the other, etc.)
  + Similar/recognizeable from their original design. (I'll allow you to draw characters in alternate, unofficial outfits as long as they're recognizeable. If they're good enough they may even become official alt. outfits)
+ Coloring is not required but it'll definitely increase your chances of winning.
+ Backgrounds are also not required, yet it's highly reccommended that you include one!
+ You must share this post in a journal and keep it up for at least 24 hours. (For deviantArt participants only, Facebook participants disregard this rule!)
+ You must submit your drawing by July 31st, 2017.


Below are the characters you'll be drawing. You can pick ANY TWO because the story is still in development, and any conflict is possible between them. Their reference sheets are in the process of being updated and uploaded so bear with me, I'm only uploading the journal now because I still have time before I hit 100 to work on them. I'd recommend waiting till their new sheets are uploaded before starting.

RS: Marlene/Hell Cannon by BigMommaT Marlene Vlandar (Hell Cannon) - The Insurgency Weapon

RS: Mathias Dewitt by BigMommaT Mathias Dewitt - Org- Tech CEO

RS: Verbenlier Avecedo by BigMommaT Verbenlier Acevedo - Prosthetic Designer

RS: Hugh/Dr. Curious by BigMommaT Dr. Curious (Hugh Monrey) - Prosthetic Enforcer and Surgeon

RS: Jack Newton by BigMommaT Jack Newton - Weapon + Supply Manufacturer 

RS: Keaton Deligny by BigMommaT Keaton Deligny - Financial Resources 

RS: Bruce Jordan by BigMommaT Bruce Jordan - Market and Advertising

(To be uploaded) Marlin Vlandar - Insurgency Leader

(To be uploaded) Sophia Deligny - Org-Tech CFO


+ Sexual violence.

While there will be violence in the story, sexual violence is off limits. Submitting anything implying rape will get you kicked from the contest.

+ Extreme Violence

Please, don't draw a decapitated Dr. Curious. Or Marlene's intestines all over the place. Blood and bruising is fine to draw but don't brutally murder my characters.

+ Chibis

I'm looking for serious artwork here, if you only draw chibi art consider this contest a great way to branch out and work on human anatomy!

+ Furry/Anthro

No offense to these kind of artists, but drawing them in this way would change their design too much. Like I said about the chibis, consider this contest a challenge to draw humans.

\\ TIPS //

There are a few things I'll be paying extra attention to. Things like poses, facial expressions, perspective, and attention to detail will definitely get you some bonus points. 

I personally find SenshiStock the place to go to for this kind of material. She has a wide variety of poses/different perspectives that are sure to help!
Here's a few that may come in handy, but be sure to check out the rest of her poses if these don't spark some inspiration. 

Sword Fights - Pose Reference by SenshiStock

Depth Attack - Pose Reference by SenshiStock

Blast Away - Pose Reference by SenshiStock

\\ PRIZES // 

Now for the anticipated prizes!
All of the following prizes are provided by myself! If you wish to donate prizes, points, money and/or artwork for the contest then send me a note/message and I'll get back to you ASAP. All donors will receive a digital full body drawing from myself. Prizes are subject to change, but the cash amount will remain the same. 

First Place 

The first place winner will receive the following prizes..
A set of 16 Black and Multicolored Pigma Micro Pens 
"Without Art the Earth is just "Eh" Shirt (You pick color and size)
+ $75 USD
+ A 16x20 print of official artwork from my story "Hell Cannon"
+ Full body digital drawing of your choice

Second Place

The second place winner will receive the following prizes...
A set of 8 Black Pigma Micro Pens
+ "Without Art the Earth is just "Eh" Mug
+ $50 USD
+ 11x14 print of official artwork from my story "Hell Cannon"
+ Full body digital drawing of your choice

Third Place

The third place winner will receive the following prizes..
A set of 6 Black Pigma Micro Pens
+ $25 USD
+ 8x12 print of official artwork from my story "Hell Cannon"
+ Full body digital drawing of your choice

Honorable Mention

The honorable mention winner will receive...
+ $15 USD
+ Full body digital drawing of your choice


I've developed a scoring sheet that rates on a few elements, like originality, presentation and use of space. However I'm looking for two other judges to help me decide the winners. Last time I had a difficult time judging by myself, and I feel having two unbiased opinions would really help hasten the process. 

If you're interested in helping judge my contest, please note/message me! Strangers welcome! :) 


(EMPTY) _____
(EMPTY) _____


:iconyomilover: :icondarkmasterdesing: :iconbrasspython:

That's all I have to say about this. The journal will be updated as entries and judges come in, as well as any additional rules or updated reference sheets. Thanks for reading and good luck!


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To do list by BigMommaT
:bulletblack: Re-do 'Hell Cannon' reference sheets
:bulletblack: Proofread Contest Journal, upload



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